Growing team means payroll and contractors.

Bookkeeping & Financial Accounting

As a cloud-based bookkeeping firm, we embrace and adopt innovations to minimize your bookkeeping responsibilities and efforts.  We offer custom tailored solutions for your business needs. Packages include monthly bank and credit card reconciliations, manual journal entries, and periodic financial reports.

Client Billing and

Vendor Payment Duties

Congratulations, you made the sale! Now you are waiting on your customers' payment.  We can create professional client invoices and reminders and email them to clients. 

Or perhaps you need help tracking and paying your vendor expenses.  We offer a full range of Accounts Payable services including setting up automatic monthly payments or manually printing checks for vendors.

Employee & Contractor Payroll

As your business grows, it is likely that you will need to expand your team. This means dealing with payroll, all the additional Federal and State filings, and numerous regulations.  We relieve the stress of payroll by making it easy to track employee and contractor payment information, withholdings, garnishments, and the many other possible deductions.

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Perhaps you need help setting up a new business entity?  We also offer general bookkeeping consulting.

Or perhaps you require something else?  Please let us know how we can help you on our "Contact" page.

Benjamin Franklin said that there are "only two things certain in life: death and taxes."  We can help you plan, navigate, and file both your business entity and personal Federal and state income tax returns, 

With the rapidly expanding and changing sales tax laws  many businesses have been contacted by state revenue agencies, seeking to push them to file and pay sales taxes - we can help you stay ahead of these collectors and stay compliant.

Don't See Your Specific Solution?

Business and Personal Income Tax

Sales and

Use Tax